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Weintraub Associates has been involved in the design, development and evaluation of informational technologies within the financial services community since 1987. During this time, it has often been called upon to assist its clients in extremely time critical and challenging assignments.

Several examples of these types of assignments are presented below:
  • Managed the conversion of a retained asset insurance product for a large New England bank from an older computer platform onto its Hogan based DDA system within a six month period. This project included the scheduling and management of a staff of 9 software professionals and involved a client base of over 50 of the leading corporations in the insurance industry.
  • Managed the development of an enterprise custodial fee billing system of a recently reorganized division. Stabilized the project until this organization was able to secure an internal project manager. Following this organizational modification, participated in an analysis capacity to assist in this transition phase of the project for a period of 9 months.
  • Performed a senior management systems review of several different applications across three divisions. This review included a description of both the functional and operational uses of these key systems as well as identified areas where potential consolidation of resources could provide substantial efficiencies.
  • Conducted a post implementation audit for a large regional bank after the installation of an automated funds transfer system. In this audit, analyzed the system from an efficiency and cost perspective and developed a range of recommendations. The execution of these recommendations resulted in a 22% improvement in system efficiency and a reduction of operations personnel.
  • This is only a sample of the type of engagements in which Weintraub Associates has been involved. A more comprehensive list can be provided upon request.


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